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Creating connection with the heart, mind and the right words.

Workshops, coaching and consulting for business and individuals: I support you in your self-reflection process and personal development with my talents and experience. In doing so, complex issues are conveyed with a large portion of humor and lightness. This creates clarity, inspiration and sets new impulses on your very personal path.

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An holistic approach

My working method

Understanding through two perspectives: Human and system.

I use both a human-centered and a systemic approach to help my clients with their specific challenges. This involves the use of scientifically based findings from psychology, neuroscience, sociology and philosophy.

What my clients say

Straight from the heart

“If the term empathy did not exist already, it would have to be invented for Michael Blech. The collaboration is full of patience, empathy and clarity. With his sympathetic and thoughtful way, he asks the right questions at the right moment. A cooperation with effect - not just for the moment!“

universum_bremen_marena grotheer_en
Marena Grotheer Authorized Officer & Head of Corporate Communications | Universum® Bremen

“Michael is a natural. He has the rare gift of true and selfless empathy. And he asks questions that have helped me and my clients connect with our needs. This often led to insights and initiatives that have helped in everyday life.“

Marcel Bernard Business Consultant & Founder | let's lead

“There is a lot of talk about social and sustainable start-ups. Everyone agrees that they are good. But only very few are ready to leave their comfort zone. Michael helped me take the step into founding and making decisions for myself without hurting others. This is priceless.“

Torben Luckow Founder | jens2911^^

``Michael Blech has the special ability to engage and inspire people from different backgrounds. He succeeds in conveying topics beyond stereotypes and clichés and to bring participants into contact with their feelings. It is a great pleasure and inspiration to work with him!``

Dr. Janine Reinhard Head of ZMT Academy | ZMT

“Both Michael's likable person and his extensive expertise in emotional intelligence were a great enrichment to the online presentation congress 2020. The modern business world needs people like Michael, because the necessary change begins with people themselves.“

Ellen Riesterer Founder & Congress Leader | Visual Engineering Riesterer

“In my position in middle management, I have the challenge of being the link between employees and the board to find a way to keep the company in balance. Michael has given me so many ways and tools to prepare myself for these challenges.

The sessions with him were an immense enrichment!“

Levent Süzen Technical Director & 1st AC and Operator on Set | UFO FILMGERÄT GmbH

“Mr. Blech shows us again and again our unlocked organizational potential. Not only is he an empathic sparring partner who can put himself in the shoes of his counterpart and his situation at lightning speed, but he also has the special gift of making group processes and dynamics transparent.“

Dennis Schulze Co-Founder & CEO | honopu

``Michael brings the perfect combination of emotionality and rationality and helped me find all of these in myself. I was able to make a decision that has a lasting effect and that I am truly happy with. During the process, I learned skills that will help me with all future decisions - a true enrichment for my life!``

Martin Bregulla Legal Product Manager | Legal OS

“With individual coaching sessions and participation in his group training, Michael helped me specifically improve my communication skills. I am grateful for the lessons learned and for the dedicated way in which he helped me re-shape my practice of connecting to myself and to others.“

Rebecca Borges PhD Candidate | ZMT