How can we connect better with ourselves and others? By using our minds and hearts as well as choosing the right words.

I offer workshops and personal coaching for private individuals, but mostly work with companies to create a more humane and at the same time high performing working environment. These cooperations are generally long-term in nature in order to make a lasting change possible. Since we live in a globalized world in which different cultural norms shape how we perceive and interact with each other, intercultural dimensions are an integral part of my work concept as well.


My professional journey started in 2014 during my political science studies in Bremen, when I came in touch with Marshall B. Rosenberg’s Nonviolent Communication. This was a life changing eye opener. Not only did I realize how much my communication style reflected my mindset, but especially how much I could actively change and shape my life in general through introspection – gaining insight by looking within. The consequence was a happier life ever since, with more clarity and focus as well as the ability to connect better with other people on a deeper level. Furthermore, I also instantly knew that I wanted to share theses insights and tools so that they may be as helpful and impactful to others. Since then, I delved deeper into Emotional Intelligence, its different skills and the science behind it with countless trainings and programs.

„If the term empathy did not exist already, it would have to be invented for Michael Blech.“

Marena Grotheer | Prokuristin & Leiterin Unternehmenskommunikation | Universum® Bremen